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Sections can be grouped together and set to deliver in sequential order. For example if there are two Work example type sections and each work example is tied to a corresponding learning section in the node, Realizeit allows the author to use grouping to deliver the appropriate worked example directly after the learning section it corresponds to. 


  1. Create your sections; i.e 2 Learning and 2 WExample sections
  2. Check the box for Part of main path for each section
  3. Click on the first learning section to highlight it, then click on Groups, click on Add to new group (notice a color box is applied beside the section)
  4. Then click on the Worked example section that should be presented directly after the first Learning section; click on Groups, then click on the colored line to add it to the group that was just created for the first learning section (notice the colored box opposite each of the two sections is the same, this denotes they are grouped together).
  5. Click on the second Learning section to highlight it, click on Groups, click on Add to new group (notice a different color is applied to this section)
  6. Click on the second Worked Example section, click on Groups, click on the color which corresponds to the color provided to the second learning section.